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 Meeting was held at Janie Goldens home.

 The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM by Pres Cec Foster.  Present were Pres. Cec Foster, Sec. Janie Golden, Chris Murphy with her husband John and daughter Shelly, Jan & Dave Caron and Billy & Cynthia Heusser. Also present was Jim Shipper, representing Des Arab Arabian Horse Association.

The minutes were read by Sec. Janie Golden.  Jan Caron made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Billy Heusser seconded it.  The minues were accepted as read.

 Cec Foster announced that, due to time constraints, Sheila will no longer be able to be    the Newsletter Editor nor will she be able to be the commitee chair for the Bennu shows.  Cec announced that she will take over the Bennu shows, sch. for June 14 & 28, July 12 & 26, and August 9 at Happy Heart Arena, but that she will need an assistant.  A plea was made for someone to take over the position of newsletter editor.  Both the Bennu assistant and and the position of editor are pending.

 Cec reminds everyone of the Spring Fling Show at the Canyon County
 Fairgrounds on June 17, sponcered by the IABA.

Jim Shipper requested volenter help for the upcoming Class A Show on June 10 & 11, at the Canyon County Fairgrounds.  All his available positions were filled by IABA members.

 Cec reminds everyone to get ads and sponsers for the Country Classic in Sept.

Next meeting is June 18 at Sheila Harmons.  There will be a trail ride at 10:00 AM with the meeting following at about 1:00 PM.  Don't forget, it is potluck.

 Adjournment was at 8:10 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,

Janie Golden, Secretary



The June 18 meeting was held on Sheila Harmon's patio.  The meeting was preceded by a really nice trail ride on the Harmon spread. 

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 by President Cec Foster.  Present were Cec Foster, Cec's daughter Shauna & her husband, Jan & Dave Caron, Barb Hoak, Billy Heiser, and Sheila & Bob Harmon, as well as several guests.

The minutes were accepted as printed in the newsletter; motion made by Janie Golden, seconded by Dave Caron.

Treasurers report given by Bob Harmon:  Money in the Bank, Bills to Pay, Things to do! A written report was submitted to the secretary concerning the Shaggy & Bennu Shows to date, and Spring Fling which indicates expenditures of $1653.91 profits of $3225.00 with a net profit of $1571.09 with 166 horses
Cec Foster will finish the June Bennu Shows, Barb Hoak will manage the July & August shows.  Volunteers needed.

Barb Hoak will be putting out the newsletter as of the July issue.

The Classic deadline for mailing flyers will be the second week of July.

Membership is encouraged to think about 2001 officers.  Positions up for reelction will be Pres., Tres., Sec.

Next meeting July 22 at Cec & Rob Fosters.

Adjournment at 3:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Janie Golden, Secretary




The monthly meeting was called to order by Cec Foster at 7:35 pm.

No minutes to read and approve.

Treasurer's Report: $9855.19 balance. $5892.95 Futurity dedicated funds. $1591.80 Futurity Advertising. $2370.44 club balance after ribbons, etc.

Old Business

Bennu Show Series: Barbara Hoak has taken over. Needs help with August show.

Country Classic: We are not renting the rodeo grounds due to lack of advertising. Pat Nations will phone club members for advertising, class sponsorships, etc...50% of all profits go to MDA. Entries need to be postmarked by August 19. Barbara will be helping Cec with pre-entries for the Classic. Show committee meeting at Bonnie Dyas' house next month. Judge is Kelly Elng from Santa Ynez, California. Harmon Travel donated her round trip tickets. Vyckee Sigler will try to get room donated for judge and donated meals at Victor's. Advertisement will be in the program for hotel/meals. Need someone who is not showing to escort judge. Rob Foster will take the judge to lunch. The judge will be arriving September 8 at 7:25 pm and leaves Boise at 8:19 pm Sunday September 10. Tracey Rauch will be asked to be photographer for the Classic. Bonnie Dyas is doing the trophies for the Classic. The club is being charged $10.00 per trophy. Solid heads for Purebred Arabians. Pinto head for Half-Arabians. Still looking into something different for Championship classes. Need to call Vyckee Sigler to attend next Country Classic meeting.

New Business

Dawn Carroll: Fund set up at Bank of America in Ontario, Oregon. House warming party suggested by Bonnie. A suggestion was made that net profit from the next Bennu Show be given to Dawn. Motion made and seconded. Carried.

2001 Officers: Cec is going out of office. Bob is going out of office. Janies is going out of office (2 year limits). President, Treasurer, Secretary. Vice President will get nominations.

Christmas Party: At the Christmas party we will need to make mention of changing monthly meetings during the summer.

August Meeting: Will be August 25 at The Arc, 4402 Albion, Boise Off Orchard.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Zenick


Directions to The Arc:

Orchard Exit, North over the overpass. Take Orchard to Albion. Right on Albion. 4402 Albion.




Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM.

Minutes of last month's meeting accepted as printed in the current
newsletter.  Motion made by Janie Golden, seconded by Doug Foote, passed.

Treasurers report was given by Bob Harmon.  Total club balance is
$10,901.54, of this total, $5,892.95 is Futurity monies, $1,591.80 is
Futurity Ad monies, and $3,416.79 is club monies. 
Insurance renewal is due.  The renewal fee of $12,000/year will be paid to Farm Bureau so that insurance will be current for the Classic.  In the future, a change of insurance may be made to a company advertising in one of the horse journals.  The company has been investigated by Bob Harmon and found to provide the same coverage at a considerable savings, at $500/year.
Our ad in the U.S. West yellow pages was renewed at the cost of
$27.50/month.  This includes our phone number and web site address.  It is the only public listing of the IABA.
Bills to be paid were presented:  $190.00-printing of the show materials from Sheila, $33.00-postage for show mailings from Barb; Cec Foster made the motion that these be paid, Jan Caron seconded it and the motion was passed.

Nominating Committee was appointed, it will consist of Kim Zenick (chair), Sheila Harmon, and Janie Golden.

Classic Report--50% of the proceeds will go to MDA
A BIG THANKS go out to the following folks for making the Classic 2000 a success:
Donna Schmidt for her hard work in the show office!!
Sheila & Bob Harmon for getting the tickets for the judge donated by Harmon Travel!!
Sheila Harmon for two long days of announcing the show!!
Vyckee Sigler for getting the room for the judge at $25 per night at the Super 8!!
Billy Huesser for assisting Bob Kegler as barn manager!!
Bob Kegler for serving as barn manager of the classic!!
Cec Foster for overseeing the Classic!!!
Rose Thompson & Karen Goodenough for clean-up of the grounds!!
Barbara Hoak for triaging entries!!
Barbara Hoak & Amy for their role as Ahab's stand-in!!
Pat Nations for calls to members for class sponsorship!!
Bonnie Dyas for the always beautiful trophies!!
Doug Foote for obtaining donation of the tractor & groomer!!
Tracy Rauch for her role as photographer!!
Ring Stewards, Gate People, Runners, Ribbon Folks, Raffle Ticket sellers & buyers, those who solicited ads,  and anyone else that I have inadvertently left out,  "THANK YOU SO MUCH, WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!"

It was determined that the IABA web page will accept non-member advertising at the rate of $20/6 mo.

Sheila reported that the Arabian Trust & Archives in Colorado is in danger of extinction.  It needs memberships and money.  Discussion tabled.

Cec announced that in October, planning will need to commence for the Shaggy & Beneau shows as well as the Spring Fling.  Getting an arena is the first priority.

Next Meeting is on 9/23/00 at the Arc.

Respectfully submitted,

Janie Golden


 The monthly meeting was called to order by Cec Foster on Saturday, Sept. 23, at 7:45 P.M.

Minutes from the August meeting were read by Janie Golden, Sec. Minutes were accepted and passed with a correction of $1,200 per year renewal on insurance vs. $12,000.

Treasurers Report was given by  Bob Harmon; the IABA has a net balance of $9565.28 at present with $4083.24 in dedicated Futurity funds and $1591.80 in the Futurity advertising, leaving a net club balance of $3890.24.  


Country Classic/Cec Foster--Cec reported a profit of 496.00 for the Classic.  The raffle profit was $587.00.  She reports that the Caldwell fairgrounds are reserved  for 2001 as is the price.  A motions was made by Sheila Harmon to send Rose Thompson a picture of her rig at the classic, as a Thank You.  Pat Nations seconded it and it was passed.

ISHSA--It was decided to sponsor the English and Western Trophies for High Point.     

Futurity/Pat Nations--Pat reports that it is time for new nominations and re-nominations of Futurity horses.

2001 Nominations--President-Barbara Hoak

                                Vice President-Bubbles Kegler, Sheila Harmon

                                 Treasurer- Janie Golden

                                 Secretary- Jan Caron

                                  Board Seats-Cynthia Heusser, Rob Foster, Vickee Sigler, Donna Schmidt.

Any other nominations can be made between now and election night.


2001 Shaggy Shows-Barb Hoak will shop around and book an arena.

Super Show Sponsorship-Standard donation of $80.00 or sponsorship will be made from the IABA, motion was made by Cec Foster, seconded by Sheila Harmon.

Web Site-www.idahoarabianbreeders.com, Sheila Harmon is keeping it updated.

New Membership Drive-It was suggested that a credit system might be designed for members who bring in new members.  Janie Golden will write a membership renewal letter to be sent to current and former IABA members, using old membership lists.  This will be done under a separate mailing than the newsletter.

November Meeting-A motion was made by Bonnie Dyas that we have a Nov. meeting to take care of business that is usually taken care of at the Dec. meeting/party.   It was seconded by Marty Houghton and will be held on Nov. 18, details to be announced at the Oct. Meeting.

Christmas Party-Will be held at Harmon Travel, date to be announced.

Additional New Business-A motion was made by Cec Foster to give Tracy Rausch 2 horse heads (Bonnie Trophies) as a Thank You for her prompt and well done job with the show photos.  It was seconded by Sheila Harmon and done!  It was decided to forward Cathy White $23/year for the High Point Awards for Canyon and Gem Counties.

October Meeting to be held at the Arc on October 28, at 6:30.

Adjournment was at 9:10.


Respectfully submitted,

Janie Golden, Secretary

October Meeting to be held at the Arc on October 28, at 6:30.
November Meeting to be held at the Arc on November 18, at 6:30.