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February 24, 2001

 Meeting called to order, 7:13 p.m.; held at the Arc, Boise, Idaho.


Vyckee Sigler, Barb Hoak, Jan and Dave Caron, Bill and Cynthia Heusser, Dorothy and Bob Kegler and Janie Golden.

MINUTES:  Vyckee Sigler motioned that minutes be approved as written; Dave Caron second.  Motion passed.

TREASURY REPORT:  Janie Golden reports $11,973.24 general account balance, $9,607.75 futurity account balance, for a grand total of $21,580.99, with no outstanding bills.  It was suggested that we put some of this club treasury into an I.R.A. or six-month CD.  Dorothy Kegler reminds us that some funds need to be set aside for advertising and trophies.  And, Barb Hoak still needs to fax our ribbon order.  Barb Hoak motions that $5,000 from our general fund, and another $5,000 from our futurity fund, be placed into two 6-month Cds.  Bob Kegler seconds.  Motion passes.  A special note here to mention that it does not go unobserved that past president, Ces Foster, drove our financial success in 2000.  A special thank you to Ces.


1.       HORSE FAIR:  Except for the fact that no IABA members turned up to help tear down the booth on that Sunday night, the fair was a wonderful success.  We received three pages of requests for additional IABA information and newsletters from the general public during that weekend.  Des Arab was especially delightful to work with.  Sharing the booth with them was a successful idea.  The event’s Gala was fantastic, and all in all, the weekend was great fun.

2.      SHAGGY SHOWS:  Dorothy Kegler, manager of our first Shaggy Show of the season, reports that 43 horses turned out, taking in $730 in income.  We experienced $387.94 in expenses, creating a profit of $342.56.  Over all, it was a good show, with an excellent turn out of volunteers, as had not been experienced in several years.   Thanks to all those who gave of their time to made this first 2001 event a success.  Dorothy Kegler suggests that we advertise in the Thrifty Nickel, the Idaho Statesman, and Press Tribune for our March 10  Shaggy Show.

 3.      ISHSA:  Idaho State Horse Show Association has approved a fifth Bennu show for that series.  They have also approved two full Saturday open shows, May 12 (our Spring Fling), and June 30 (Summer Fling).


4.      BENNU SHOW SERIES:   Managers for these shows are needed.  One person, or several members working together, would be greatly appreciated.  It is hoped that our membership will stop to take the time to consider helping with this important task.  This subject will be discussed again at the next meeting.

 5.      COUNTRY CLASSIC:   Premium books should go out the first part of June.  Reining classes will be offered this year.  Bonnie Dyas, who is working full time now, will only do half of our trophies, and we will use plaques for the rest.  Let’s begin now to line up those donations of prizes and raffle items.


1.      SPRING FLING AND SUMMER FLING HORSE SHOWS:  Bill Heusser has volunteered to act as manager of our May 12 Spring Fling Open Horse Show.   Dorothy Kegler has volunteered to act as manager of our June 30 Summer Fling Open Horse Show.  (Special thanks to both).

2.      NEWSLETTER:  Cynthia Heusser has volunteered to act as managing editor of the IABA club newsletter.  Not a small undertaking, the club thanks her for stepping forward with such wonderful enthusiasm. 

 3.      WEB SITE:  It was pointed out that the Country Classic’s Stallion Service Auction is being offered on our Web Site.  Sheila Harmon is experiencing some hard drive problems at the moment, and updates will be completed as soon as possible deleting this outdated information.

 4.      APRIL’S HORSE EXPO:  Our group decided not to participate in the Horse Expo (Idaho Center) this year.  Bob Kegler so motioned, Vyckee Sigler seconded, and Motion passed.   Besides not being cost effective and having become excessively commercial, it was discovered that all horses would be moved outdoors for this year’s show.  Barb Hoak, Bonnie Bishop (Des Arab), and Thorus Olson will combine efforts to compose a letter directed at the Expo committee to explain our reasons for our non-participation.

 5.      SEMINAR IDEAS:  Dorothy Kegler suggested that our club hold a seminar as another way to earn income for our group.  One idea would be to ask the Double D folks to present the topic of feeding program checks and balances.  We could sell hot dogs (one idea), and invite the public.  “A Leg Up” has already volunteered to donate two blanket washings as door prizes (and also, suggested donating something for the September show).  Please bring your thoughts to the next meeting.

 6.      SHOW ANNOUNCER:  Although Doug Foote has volunteered to act as general show announcer (and doing a great job), it cannot be denied that owning his own business can keep him away at times.  It was suggested that perhaps a “back up” announcer should be in place.  Dave Caron opted to throw Dick Vick’s name into the hat (new member).  The idea was well received, so IABA membership will approach Dick to discuss this as soon as possible.  No one could help but admire the man when he applied that bull horn at the last Shaggy Show!  

 7.      CLUB ACTIVITIES:  Any and all ideas are welcomed on whether a club activity should be held in conjunction with our general meetings.  An example would be to meet in the Eagle Foothills for a trail ride, and then, meet afterwards over something to eat.   Other ideas include guest speakers.

 8.      THE GENEROSITY OF THE ARC:  Barb Hoak suggested taking the proceeds from one of the Bennu Shows to donate back to the Arc for their having allowed us to make ourselves at home in their facility these past recent months.  They have been generous and kind with their conference room.


The next meeting:  March 24, The Arc (Be there or be square).


Respectfully submitted by Jan Caron


Directions to The Arc:

Orchard Exit, North over the overpass. Take Orchard to Albion. Right on Albion. 4402 Albion.

March 24, 2001

 Meeting called to order, 7:28 p.m.; held at the Arc, Boise, Idaho.

MEMBERS PRESENT:Vyckee Sigler, Karen Goodenough, Rose Thompson, Lianne and Dick Vick, Dawn Schneider, Connie Pentland, Jan and Dave Caron, Bill and Cynthia Heusser, Dorothy Kegler, Pat Nations, Tracey and Dan Rauch, Marty Houghton,  and Janie Golden

 MINUTES:  Pat Nations motioned that minutes be approved as read; Tracey Rauch second.  Motion passed.

 TREASURY REPORT:  Janie Golden was not able to stay, so Marty Houghton reports a $7,267.83 general account balance, $4,679.75 futurity account balance, and $5,000 invested in a six-month CD (to mature September 5, 2001) for a grand total of $ 16,947.58, with one outstanding bill.  Dorothy Kegler motioned, Dick Vick second, that a $1,032.69 ribbon bill be paid.  Motion passed.  Several club members have asked for further verification of our general funds account.


1.      SHAGGY SHOWS:  Dorothy Kegler, manager of our second Shaggy Show (March 10), reports that 66 horses turned out, taking in $1,344.50, and another $51 in raffle ticket money.  We experienced a profit of $963.81.

 2.      BENNU SHOW SERIES:   Connie Pentland offered to manage the Bennu series.  Vyckee Sigler suggested having Connie attend the Spring Fling show to learn what is involved.  Several club members stepped up to offer Connie any and all assistance to support Connie in any way they can.   (Thank you, Connie, for this generous offer). 

 3.      SPRING AND SUMMER FLINGS:   Bill Heusser and Dorothy Kegler will switch places as show managers.  ISHSA dictates that a show manager cannot also show; and Bill Heusser wants to show at the Spring Fling.  Therefore, Dorothy Kegler will manage the May 12 open show, and Bill Heusser will now manage the June 30 open show.

 4.      JDA RIDE:  The Juvenile Diabetes Association benefit ride, taking place on May 6, is in need of volunteers.  Please give Sheila Harmon a call if you are able to contribute your time to this fine cause.

 5.      HORSE EXPO:  Tracey Rauch invites our club to contribute, as an advertiser, in the expo brochure.  Our group is welcome to do so.

 6.      COUNTRY CLASSIC:  Sponsors and ads are needed for our premium books.  Championship classes cost $35 (to sponsor), and general classes are $20.

 7.      ISHSA:  Idaho State Horse Show Association met on March 7.  Rose Thompson, Karen Goodenough, and Jan Caron represented our club Bennu Series at this meeting.  Jan Caron gave a quick summary of that meeting, which included the following:  

a.  The March 17 Spring Clinic was a delightful success.  (Highly recommended for next year).

b.  Rule Book Committee is due to have 2001 revisions ready for general distribution by June 1.

c.  Horse Fair was a wonderful success, with all headliners asking to return next year.  Also, a driving clinic will be offered next year.

d.  Profit and Loss report will be published soon.


1.      IDAHO HORSE PARK:  Tracey Rauch represented the Arabian interest at the dedication of the Idaho Horse Park and gave us a report on how that went.  There were only two breed groups at the dedication and was, all in all, a very small turn out.  The park promises to charge within reason for its facility.  The outdoor arena is already at the complete stage and will run under $500 to rent.

2.      GAMING SHOW:  It was suggested that we consider having a two-day show, whereby, an open show would take place on day one; and, gaming events for day two.  The local horse interest would be very attracted to something like this.  Prizes could be small items, such as hoof picks, etc.  This idea will be tabled until Barb Hoak’s return. 

 3.      DES ARAB JULY 7 OPEN SHOW:  Tracey Rauch is show manager for this event and wanted to give everyone a “heads up” on this coming event.  Everyone is welcome.  (Thanks, Tracey).

 4.      POKER RIDE:  Bonnie Bishop and Thoris Olson sent over a suggestion that our two clubs combine efforts to hold a fun ride (such as a Poker Ride).  This would be “just for the fun of it.”  We could have a ride, picnic or barbecue, and hold a fun day.  Tracey Rauch motioned; Dorothy Kegler second.  Motion passes.  (Let the fun begin).  Times and places will announced once these decisions have been made.

 5.      OPEN HOUSE:  Dorothy Kegler announced that their family, and the combined efforts of other club participating ranches, will hold an open house at Moonshadow Arabians during the second weekend of August.  Everyone is welcome!  A dance floor will be set up, food will be served.....sounds like a cool idea.  Do not forget to mark your calendars.


The next meeting:  April 28


Respectfully submitted by Jan Caron


July 28, 2001

7:30--Meeting held at Moonshadow Arabians


Members present:  Barb Hoak, Bill and Cynthia Heusser, Janie Golden, Dorothy and Bob Kegler, Bonnie Dyas, Marty Houghton, Pat Nations, Rose Thompson, Karen Goodenough, Vycke Sigler, Ces and Rob Foster (and their family), Thorus Olson, Jan Caron, and assorted guests which appeared out of no where.


MINUTES:  Ces Foster (first), and Cythia Heusser (second) motioned to accept the minutes as posted.  Motion passed.

TREASURY:  Barb Hoak read the treasurer’s summary as $5,888.39 general fund, $4,679.75 futurity fund, $5,000 CD fund; Grand total, $15,568.14.  (Bennu funds need to be deposited).  Report is accepted as read. 



1.  Bennu Shows:  The club wishes to congratulate and thank Connie Pentland for her outstanding management style in handling the Bennu series this year.  Very well done, Connie!







June 13





June 27





July 11





July 25






2.  Summer Fling:  The Summer Fling horse show was held on July 30, with 49 horses participating.  We saw an income of $1,019.55, expenses of $416.58, and $602.97 as our profit.  Good work kids!


3.  ISHSA:  (There is no July report).


4.  Futurity:  Pat Nations will be sending out individual futurity updates during the week of July 30.  So, if you are a futurity participant, or a club member, you will be hearing of this important issue soon.


5.  Country Classic:  There were 237 prize lists mailed.  (If you have not received yours, please let one of the club members know).  Pat Nations daughter, Carrie, may be able to get us some advertising time at the local stations.

            a.  Sponsors--Billy Heusser has volunteered to call around for sponsors.

            b.  Raffle--Bob Kegler has volunteered to call members for raffle prizes.

            c.  Judge/Motel--Both are secured.

            d.  Booths--“Double D” will be setting up a booth at our show.

            e.  Stallions--Pat Nations and Dorothy Kegler will take charge of the stallion stalls/presentation.

            f.  Club trailer--Billy Heusser will help Barb Hoak organize the trailer.

            g.  Trail class props--Rob Foster will help mend the mailbox and bridge.

            h.  Show Office--Donna Schmidt has agreed to work this important job.  (Thanks kiddo)!

            i.  Volunteerism--Please be thinking about how you can help with the show set up and/or daily operational tasks required in putting on an event of this size.  Anything you offer would be most helpful and appreciated. 

6.  Moonshadow Open House:  August 11 is the Moonshadow’s annual open house.  The main presentation will take place at 1 p.m., with a barbecue to follow.


7.  Muscular Dystrophy:  Some years back, our club donated $900 to the St. Jude’s organization.  They never cashed that check.  Ces Foster reminds our group that we had voted to re-route that money to the Muscular Dystrophy people and would like to see our club follow through.  Janie Golden will work on this transaction for us.


NEW BUSINESS:  (None reported).


Meeting adjourned (once the propane arrived).  Let’s eat!