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JANUARY 26, 2002

Meeting called to order at approximately 19:00 hours
I.  Elect new secretary: Lianne Kurting-Vick will be unable to serve as club secretary this year. Board member Bob Harmon will officially accepted her resignation. Susan Fink was asked to take the job and accepted the nomination.  Motion to accept, was seconded and passed.

II. Minutes from previous meeting: The minutes from the October meeting were accepted as printed.  The December minutes were unavailable.

III. Treasurers Report: Lisa Platter was unable to give a report, her computer crashed.
Discussion results:
a. The insurance payment for the club coincides with the Classic, Lisa was asked to contact the Insurance Co. and get the payment due date changed.
b. Questions were asked concerning insurance for the club trailer.  Lisa will also check on this.
c. Newsletter expenses:  The club will pay for paper, printing and mailing of the newsletter.
d. Jeannie Simpson suggested that the Newsletter be posted on the website or emailed to members.
Discussion  results:
1)Post the Newsletter on the website and members can download as needed.
2) Make business card Newsletter/flyers with the website address and 800 number. Sheila Harmon  will purchase the cards and 15 card holders.  She will be reimbursed  for expenses.  This project was given top priority.
e. Advertising the club, using the Newsletter, was discussed.  Regional, state and local horse focused magazines were suggested as places to advertise the club.
Discussion results:  Motion was made, seconded and passed to have Susan research the costs and contact the club at the next meeting (March).

IV. Futurity Report
Pat Nations gave report: 2001 books have be completed, 2002 progress report in March.
a. Futurity  advertising: Marketing sources and costs will be researched by Susan  and Pat will be contacted with results.
b. Futurity Ribbons: Pat will take care of the ribbon count and ordering.

a. Volunteers for representation at Idaho State Horse Show Assoc.:
Cathy White graciously volunteered to serve as the Bennu representative. John Lindley reminded all present that it is necessary to be a member of ISHSA to serve as our representative.  The club generously offered to pay for Cathy's’ membership.  John stated that his membership should also be
paid by the club.  Motion was made for John to pay for all the club members’ ISHSA dues, motion was made and seconded, however John quickly refused the honor.  Motion was made for John to pay  all the members IAHA dues, he rapidly declined the honor.  After a very lively round of laughter, the club agreed to pay both Cathy and John’s memberships to ISHSA.
Note to members: The updated ISHSA rule book has been completed and will be sent out.

VI. Activities Time  Line
Packet Stuffing January
Horse A-fair February
Shaggy Shows Feb and March
Horse Expo April
Bennu Shows June, July and August
Country Classic 1st  weekend after Labor Day
Newsletter Ads and inserts to be received by the 10th of every month
Ribbon ordering Feb to receive discount
Officer nominations Sept (Vice Pres. duty)
Futurity Forms must run in the Newsletter 3 months prior to the Nov 30th deadline
Prize list for Classic June 10th for advertising, July 1st for mailing
Program Advertising for the Classic August 25th

Show/Event  Dates
Feb 15,16 & 17 Horse A-Fair Fair Grounds (Boise) Billy Heusser
Feb 23 Shaggy Show Happy Heart Arena (Kuna) Cec Foster
March 16 Shaggy Show Happy Heart Arena (Kuna) Cec Foster
June 12 Bennu Show Happy Heart Arena (Kuna) Connie Pentland
June 26 Bennu Show Happy Heart Arena (Kuna) Connie Pentland
July 10 Bennu Show Happy Heart Arena (Kuna) Connie Pentland
July 24 Bennu Show Happy Heart Arena (Kuna) Connie Pentland
Aug 7 Bennu Show Happy Heart Arena (Kuna) Connie Pentland
Sept 7 & 8 Country Classic Canyon Co. Fair Grounds (Caldwell)

VII. Diabetes Ride
Sheila Harmon will discuss what we are going to do when she meets with the Diabetes Ride group and report back.

VIII. Open Discussion:
a. Pat Nations would like to set up separate bank accounts for the
futurity.  Motion was made, seconded and passed.
b. Classic Committee report tabled
c. Special Awards: Yvonne Johnstone Award  and the Year End High Point Awards- Bonnie Dyas will chair the Special Awards committee. Yvonne Johnstone Award: nominations for this award need to be in by September 2002.  The award commemorates Yvonne enthusiasm for her horse and all Arabians.  Please contact Bonnie, Cec or Sheila with nominations.
Year-end High Point: Bonnie and John will report back in March with how many award catorgies and how points will be totaled for shows (regional vs Bennu).
d. The Pat  Parrelli  Natural Horsemanship Clinic will be held May 11 & 12.   Contact Jeannie Simpson for ticket information. (922-9253)

IX. Next meeting:
Our next meeting will be March 23, at ProPeople Staffing.  Meeting will begin at 6:30 pm.  The February date coincides with  our first Shaggy Show. Please take note: Our June meeting will be at Sheila and Bob Harmon’s.  Bring your horse for a trail ride.  Sheila has volunteered Bob to cook!!!! We will be putting  the Prize List  together and sending them out.

X. Meeting adjourned at 21:30.

Susan Fink,

MARCH 23, 2002

Meeting called to order at approximately 19:00 hours
     I.  Pat Nations has had Surgery:
Cec suggested and the members present quickly agreed to send Pat a bouquet and thoughts during her recovery.
     II. Minutes from previous meeting:
The minutes from the January meeting were accepted  with one change: the Futurity checking is being investigated.
     III. Treasurers Report
Lisa Platter gave a report.
Discussion results:
a.  The  “800” phone number will be published on all Club publications.
     IV. Futurity Report
No report
 No report
VI. Shaggy Show
Motion was made and seconded to change the “reasons” class fees to $5.00 each.  Cynthia will make the necessary changes to the show bills.
VII. Committee Reports
Advertising: combine the futurity, club and Classic
Futurity: Will post flyers with stallion photos
Points: no members
Classic:  Meeting at Lisa’s on April 30 at 2:30PM.
        The rodeo grounds and arena are booked.  Bonnie will make the trophies and Pat is working on the futurity ribbons.
Diabetes Ride: no report, information to come in the April newsletter
Yvonne Johnstone Award: no report
VIII. Old Business:
      No discussion
VIII. Educational Clinics:
Grooming Clinic: would members be interested in attending a clinic on grooming?
IX. Farm Happening:
Ann McGregor has a couple litters of kittens; if you need a barn cat please give Ann a call.
X. Next meeting:
Cec Foster would like to host the next meeting.  The trailer needs
inventorying and a good cleaning.  Plan on a work party beginning at 4:00PM with the meeting/pot luck to follow.  Directions will be in the newsletter.
      XI. Meeting adjourned at 20:30.
Susan Fink,


Idaho Arabian Breeders Association Meeting

May 25, 2002

Following an excellent Pot Luck with a cooked ham from Pat, meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Cec Foster at the home of Pat Nations. Present were Cec Foster, Pat Nations, Lisa Platter, Connie Pentland, Doug & Janis Foote, Bob & Sheila Harmon, Jon Schmeck, Chris Murphy, Shelly, Kimberly & Christina Garza.
Minutes: Lisa P. moved and Pat N. seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be approved as printed in the last newsletter. Motion carried.
Treasurers Report: Lisa P. reported that the Futurity funds are being separated from the regular account. $7,418.41 are Futurity funds, the rough balance of $2,500 will remain in the regular account. In the futurity funds $3,173.41 are funds from the Stallion advertising section, the balance applies to the futurity classes.
Trailer Insurance: Insurance for our trailer and contents will cost $150 per year. Sheila H. moved and Jon S. seconded that we secure insurance for the trailer and contents. Motion carried.
Classic Show Meeting: On May 17th the committee met for discussion of the class list. This list was presented to the members and discussed. A few modifications were made and a final class list was approved.
The need for advertising was discussed and emphasised and advertising forms were handed out. Our benefit is the MDA and flyers are available from them to hand out to prospective advertisers.
Cut off for Prizelist advertising is June 10th, 2002.
Cec & Shauna volunteered to secure raffle items for the show.
Futurity: Entries are possible in all the Championship classes this year. Pat requested help with Stallion advertising and reported that Bubbles Kegler was going to be unable to help her. Bob H. and Doug F. volunteered to work on advertising.
Checking our charter, it was determined that our club will celebrate it's 10th Anniversary in August. Suggestions for ideas on how to celebrate should be directed to Cec.
Briefly discussed the status of the Arabian in the current marketplace and ways to improve our market and image.
Eagle Fun Days: June 8th - they are looking for parade entries. Anyone wishing to participate should look at the website at www.eagleid.com/fundays
Bennu: Connie needs volunteers for the shows. Doug  will announce, Janis will do the in gate. Need a show manager for the July 24th show as Connie will be unavailable that day. Bennu show dates this year are June 12 & 26, July 10 & 24 and August 7, 2002
Next Meeting will be June 15th at Bob & Sheila Harmon's. Trail ride at 11:00 followed by a pot-luck & hamburger barbecue between 1 - 2 pm. Please bring sides for hamburgers and bring a lawn chair as seating is limited.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:16 pm
Respectfully submitted
//Sheila Harmon//

Idaho Arabian Breeders Association Minutes

June 15, 2002

Meeting was called to order at 3:34 pm by President Cec Foster.
Rob Foster moved and it was seconded by Lisa Platter to approve the May meeting minutes as printed in the newsletter. Motion carried.
Treasurers Report: Lisa reported that the balance was about the same as last month, though expenses had been paid out for the first Bennu show.
Country Classic: Work on the prizelist is currently in progress. Discussed our continued need for advertising in the program. The futurity, and its future direction was discussed. Going to check and see what kind of free advertising we can get through the MDA. Kim Johnson moved and Bob Harmon seconded the motion to approve a budget of $750 from the Stallion Futurity advertising funds to promote the Futurity & Stallion presentation at the Country Classic. Motion carried.
Futurity classes were discussed, and per the published futurity rules, no trophies will be given in the weanling through 2 year old classes. Awards will be ribbons only.
Cec & Shauna will get raffle items for the show.
Next meeting will be July 27th, 2002 at Rob & Cec Fosters.
Meeting adjourned at 4:18 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
//Sheila Harmon//


Idaho Arabian Breeders Association Meeting Minutes

July 27, 2002

Meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm following a pot luck dinner by President Cec Foster at her home in Wilder. Members present were Rob & Cec Foster, Billy Heusser, Lisa Platter, Chris Murphy, Jon Schmeck, Bob & Sheila Harmon, Shelly Garza & Shauna England.
Rob made the motion and Shauna seconded it to approve the June minutes as published in the newsletter. Motion passed.
Treasurers Report:
Balances in the club accounts are as follows:
  Futurity - $4,492.14
  Club - $1843.04
  Stallion Advertising - $2423.41
Country Classic Report:
Prizelists have been mailed out. We need volunteers for in & out gates, ring stewards, runners & ribbon people. We also need to SELL PROGRAM ADVERTISING & SPONSORSHIPS!!
Sheila posed the question to the members in attendance "What is your goal for belonging to IABA?" Responses from the members included to be social, for fun, for marketing, and to learn from others in the Arabian field.
Next meeting will be August 24th, 2002. Location still to be determined.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
//Sheila Harmon// for Sec. Susan Fink who was not in attendance.

Idaho Arabian Breeders Association Meeting Minutes

August, 2002

There will be no minutes for the August meeting since the minutes taken made an unexpected trip to New Jersey and are unavailable at this time.

September Meeting

September 28th at Bill & Cynthia Heusser's at 6:30 pm
Bring your potluck item! We'll have something cooking.

6300 W. Fairchild Road
Kuna, Idaho 83634
459-1090 or 250-1433


Head south on Robinson Road to the intersection of Robinson/Kuna Road. Continue heading south on Robinson Road another approximately 3 miles. You will see a sign for Can-Ada Drilling at Murphy Road, continue south on Robinson. We are at the top of the hill, a yellow barn with green trim, house yellow with green trim. (True sign of horse people - they described the barn first! :-) The Fairchild Road sign is missing. Will try to have it replaced for the meeting. If you have never been here before, please call. If you see Kuna Cave Road you have driven past us.

Idaho Arabian Breeders Association Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2002

Meeting was called to order by President Cec Foster at 8:06 pm at the home of Billy & Cynthia Heusser. Members in attendence were Bill & Cynthia Heusser, Kim Johnson, Christy Morford, Cec & Rob Foster, Bob & Sheila Harmon, Rochelle Garza, Chris Murphy & Jon Schmeck.

Susan Fink has resigned as Secretary since a change in job schedule makes it impossible for her to make the meetings. It was moved, seconded and passed to elect Sheila Harmon to hold the office of Secretary for the balance of 2002.

Minutes from the last meeting were unavailable, since they were on a piece of paper that traveled to New Jersey. Basically, the previous meeting covered Classic plans.

No treasurers report was available.

A correction was made to the newsletter. It was reported that we had 217 horses at the show. We actually had 117 at the Classic. Performance classes were huge, and we have had a request for a Jack Benny Walk-Trot class.

Future Plans: Horse Affair and Expo were discussed. Do we participate? Several options were discussed, including  a Farm Map, Coloring Contest, Featured Farm. Decisions will have to be made in October. Futurity funds can be used if we gear this to promoting the Futurity Stallions. Stallion owners should try and get video footage now to be used in winter and spring.

Member Barbara Hoak is going by a new name now days - Barbara Crawford. She got married this summer. Congratulations!

Bennu Hi Point went to Angela Hoffman. Bob Harmon moved and Rob Foster seconded that we approve $60.00 for the purchase of the Bennu Hi Point award. Motion carried.

Classic Report will be looked for in the next minutes.

Pat Nations has donated a horse to the little girl named Angela who got run over and dragged by a car while out riding her bicycle. Donations are welcome, and IABA is placing her on our mailing list so she can receive information about Arabian horse functions. For more information contact Pat Nations.

Chris Murphy has been seeking people to run for office for 2003. So far she has:

President: Cec Foster
Vice President: Sheila Harmon, Clarice Miner
Secretary: Shauna England, Jon Schmeck
Treasurer: Lisa Platter
Board: Bob Harmon, Christy Morford, Chris Murphy, Rob Foster

New Business:

Motion was made by Kim Johnson and seconded by Bill Heusser  that we send thank you notes to the Judge, Photographer and participants. Motion carried.

We need Classic results to be published in the newsletter and on the website.

It was reported that Toni McClure, who has participated with the club over the years and has been our flag carrier many times lost her gelding Spanish Dance "Danza" following complications of a colic surgery. Danza was 27 years old.

Cec asked and Bob agreed that Harmon Travel would again play host for the club Christmas party. Date is still pending.

Next meeting will be a Trail Ride and Pot luck at the Harmons in Eagle on October 19, 2002. (WEATHER PERMITTING!) Ride to start at 11:00 am, Food at 1:00 pm and meeting to start at 2:00 pm. A map can be found at http://www.destinyarabians.com/destiny_arabians_map.htm

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

//Sheila Harmon// Secretary IABA

Idaho Arabian Breeders Association Meeting Minutes

October19, 2002

Meeting was called to order by President Cec Foster at 2:40 pm at the home of Bob & Sheila Harmon. Members in attendance were Cec  Foster, Bob & Sheila Harmon, Rochelle Garza, Chris Murphy & Jon Schmeck and Shauna England.

No treasurers report was available.

A motion to approve the minutes as published to the website was made by Jon Schmeck and seconded by Shauna England. Motion carried.

No Classic Report was available.

Bob Harmon volunteered to work with Pat Nations on the futurity committee.

The need for an advertising committee to handle advertising for multiple committees was discussed.

Horse Affair - Shauna England made a motion to get one booth and split the cost between IABA and the IABA Stallion Futurity. Seconded by Jon Schmeck. Motion carried. Cec will chair the committee until we get another volunteer..

Christmas Party - December 14th at Harmon Travel. Bob's dad will cook the Christmas Ham for us - bring side dishes to go with the ham.

Shaggy Shows and Bennu need a volunteer to chair and we need arena dates.

The Gem County 4-H High Point Arabian award - sponsored by IABA - was won by Jon Schmeck's great-niece on Steel Penny owned by Chris & Jon. Thanks to Cathy White for arranging the award.

Cec will be meeting with Lisa Platter to finalize details on the Thank You cards.

Next meeting will cover Shaggy Shows, Packet Stuffing, Horse Affair.

It was suggested that a 2003 Timeline of club functions needs to be established and published so folks know what we need to be working on.

Chris moved and Jon seconded that we have a November meeting. Motion carried. Meeting will be November 16, 2003. Location to be announced. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

//Sheila Harmon// Secretary IABA