Country Classic
Meeting Minutes

Classic Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  Sheila Harmon, John Lindley, Kim Johnson, Lisa Platter, Cynthia Heusser


Instruction Manual on the Country Classic-one needs to be completed as to what needs to be done and when and how to go about it.

Rules:  John Proposed using USA Equestrian Rules with exceptions to be posted in the Prizelist, then specifics posted for the following:

Amateur Rules

Illegal Equipment

Crops-not allowed in halter or performance

Eligibility to Compete

48, 80, & 91 English Championship Classes ( or equivalent numbers determined )

Halter- 1st & 2nd place horses in all age groups are to show back in their respective classes-mares, stallions, geldings

No Jr. Champions

Get of Sire/Produce of Dam-will get a trophy or a ribbon

Smaller ribbons to the babies

Signature and legal disclaimer will be added to the entry form

Stall Form-Emergency contact information and numbers will be available for easy access by the barn manager

Grounds Fee-had proposed $10/trailer, now it will be $5 per horse if owner has not purchased a stall

Cancellation Policy-refunds given before closing time at 08:00p.m. on the Friday night before show starts.  No refunds after Sept. 5th unless medical emergency and @ discretion of show management.