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I. Eligibility:
A. Nomination of Stallion: Must be made on the stallion on or before December 31 of the year prior to the birth of the foal. Original nominations accompanied by a fee of $50.00 per nominated stallion must be paid to the Idaho-Bred Arabian Stallion Futurity no later than the closing date (postmarked on or before Dec. 31). The original nomination fee will be used for promotional purposes. Annual renomination fee for the stallion will be $15.00 per year. Renomination fee must be received by December 31 of the year prior to the year being renominated for to be included in the advertising for the new year. Renominations received after this date will be placed into the advertising as scheduling permits.
B. Nomination of unborn foals: must be made on the unborn foal on or before December 31 of the year prior to the birth. Nominations accompanied by a fee of $15.00 per nominated foal must paid to the Idaho-Bred Arabian Stallion Futurity no later than the closing date (postmarked on or before Dec. 31). $5.00 of the original nomination shall go to the Idaho Arabian Breeders Association to cover the expenses of the futurity, the balance will be deposited into the futurity account.
C. Renomination of foals:
1. $15.00 on or before December 31 of the year of birth. (Weanling)
2. $15.00 on or before December 31 of the first year after birth. (Yearling)
3. $20.00 on or before December 31 of the second year after birth. (Two Year Old)
4. $25.00 as the entry fee to the Futurity classes at the announced show.
D. Nominations must be made on an official Idaho-Bred Arabian Stallion Futurity application. Information shall include name and number of sire and dam, if purebred or half-Arabian, and the year foal is due. It must also include the owner’s name, mailing address, and telephone number. For futurity purposes, the "owner" is that person having care, custody and control of the horse (for horses being purchased on time, this is usually the buyer), even though this individual may not be the legal owner of the horse. All application blanks must be signed. Different owners should use different application blanks.
E. Participants will receive a certificate for their nominations.
F. There are absolutely no refunds after the closing date. However, if a mare whose unborn foal is nominated fails to produce a live foal, the original nominating fee ($15.00) can be applied to any nomination the following year. For purposes of the futurity, a foal is considered a live foal if it stands and nurses.
G. all participants are responsible for their own renominations. In order to maintain active participation, horses must be renominated annually, and owners must pay the fees as indicated above.
H. If fees are not paid in full before the closing date of each year, the nominee will be disqualified from the futurity without recourse. Nominee cannot pay back fees to requalify.
I. Transfers:
1. Futurity participation is transferable with change of ownership. Notification of change of ownership and maintenance of active participation in the futurity becomes the responsibility of the new owner. A fee of $5.00 will e charged for each transfer of ownership.
2. The Idaho-Bred Arabian Stallion Futurity will not be responsible for any disputes arising through change of ownership.
J. A colt, upon being gelded may be transferred to the gelding class four weeks prior to the show date. Transfer must include a signed veterinary certificate or the horse will not be accepted as a gelding.

II. Showing and Judging:
A. Shows: the futurity will be held at a non-class "A" show and all participants in the futurity will be notified of show location and dates of the specific futurity classes for which they have horses eligible. Nominees may show in futurity classes as weanlings, yearlings, two year olds, or as three year olds. It is not mandatory to show in the weanling, yearling and/or two year old classes in order to be eligible to show in the three year old classes, but yearly renominations must be kept in force.
B. Entries: for the futurity must be made on the official horse show entry form provided by the show holding the futurity classes. Please contact show Secretaries for entry information. The owner is responsible for officially entering his horses. Entry fees for the futurity classes will be equal to those charged for the regular breeding classes of the same age at the show, with the exception of the Three Year Old class, which the nomination fee covers. Absolutely no post entries will be allowed in the futurity classes. Entry fee and official entry form shall be forwarded to the show secretary by the owner prior to the closing of entries. Horses participating in the Idaho-Bred Arabian Stallion Futurity may show in the regular classes at the show, although futurity classes do not qualify a horse for the championship classes.
C. Judging: The futurity classes will be judged in accordance with the rules and regulations of the USA Equestrian (formerly A.H.S.A.) halter classes pertaining to the Arabian horse.

III. Awards and Purses:
A. Ribbons and Trophies: Ribbons will be awarded in each of the weanling, yearling and two year old futurity classes through five places. Trophies will be given only in the three year old classes.
B. Purses: (Three Year Olds only) Original nomination, and renomination fees will be distributed between mare, stallion, and gelding classes. The futurity fees will go into the purse for the class that the nominee will show in. The cost of ribbons and trophies will be taken out of each class fund. Expenses (printing, advertising, mailing, computer supplies, etc.) will be covered by the $5.00 from the original nomination fees. Funds accumulated for each class will be distributed as follows:
1st - 45% - Trophy and Ribbon
2nd - 25% - Ribbon
3rd - 15% - Ribbon
4th - 10% - Ribbon
5th - 5% - Ribbon

IV. Accounting to participants:
In the early spring of each year, all participants will receive a complete accounting of the futurity in which they are participating. This accounting will be accompanied by a list of owners and horses in the three year old division.

V. Response to Correspondence:
Participants in the Idaho-Bred Arabian Stallion Futurity must realize that prompt response to futurity correspondence is necessary to assure accurate records. Therefore, repeated failure of a participant to respond within 15 days to request for additional information or clarification from the futurity will be considered a withdrawal by the participant of the nomination(s) in question, and all fees will be forfeited.

IABA Futurity Chairperson: 
Pat Nations
4010 E. Franklin Road
Meridian, Idaho 83642
(208) 887-11663197
IABA President: 
Cec Foster
16905 Crystal Lane
Wilder, Idaho 83676
(208) 337-3197