Hexagon Horseshoe Stallions at Stud

Registration #:  319345  -  Foal Date:  1-20-84
Color:  Grey  -  Height:  15 hands
Stud Fee:  Private Treaty  -  Shipped Semen?:  No

    Levji is the sire of futurity winners, halter champions, Hi-point versatility winners, most classic head winners and performance athletes.
    Levji is listed with QUARAB, Welara, Morab, and AraAppaloosa.  He was sired by Gay Roayas, the only Siring Son of IBN Roayas.
    Levji's offspring have sweet dispositions and are easy to train!

Jamals Rebel
Registration #:  370200  -  Foal Date:  3-1-82
Color:  Grey  -  Height:  16 hands
Stud Fee:  Private Treaty  -  Shipped Semen?:  No

    Jamals Rebel, (we call him "JR") is a proven Arabian racehorse sire.  One of his most successful racing daughters is Le Ann Narkessa, who has won 20 out of 21 starts (last we heard).
    JR has also sired halter and performance Champions that are large and smooth bodied.
    For size and disposition, consider breeding to Jamals Rebel.

HH Flashazon
Registration #:  551138
Foal Date:  4-15-97
Color:  Black
Height:  15.1 hands
Stud Fee:  Private Treaty
Shipped Semen?: No

HH Flashazon has 4 crosses to Ferzon - one of which is through the "golden cross: of Ferzon/Fadjur.  Flash has at least 10 lines to black!  The year 2000 will be Flashazon's first year at stud.  This tall, refined and ELEGANT stallion is eagerly awaiting your mares!

Shanna Hersh & Flashazon on the
Purple Passion Endurance Ride
April 2001

About our ranch:
The Hexagon Horseshoe is located in the steep, rocky hills above Sweet, Idaho.  Here our horses are born and bred and naturally learn how to be surefooted and balanced while developing strong bone, joints, and muscle.

We specialize in the "customized" breeds - i.e., QUARAB, AraAppaloosa, AraPoa, Morab, Welara, etc....as well as purebreds.  both our purebreds and partbreds have won futurity and open halter classes, most classic head, high point versatility, trail and in-hand trail and on and on...  Our babies have excellent minds and are very trainable!

If we don't already have what you want we can develop it with a negotiated contract to customize you a special horse!

The Hexagon Horseshoe Award Program:
For our higher dollar horses, we have made an opportunity for the buyer to earn some of the $ back that they spent on their friend(s).  If you and your HH horse win a National, International, or World title in a recognized National Association, (Example; IAHA, AHSA, AERC endurance, Arabian Jockey Club flat track, etc....) we will award your HH horse with a $1000 one time only congratulatory award.


Hexagon Horseshoe Ranch
Richard & Belinda Hersh
10500 Liberty Rd.  -  Sweet, ID  83670

Please write for more information!