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||Country Classic Meeting Minutes||

Idaho Arabian Breeders Association Meeting Minutes

 March 22, 2003

6:30 - Pot Luck began

 7:20 - Meeting called to order by Cec Foster.

 Members present:  Richard Hersh, Pat Nation, John Lindley, John Schmech, Chris Murphy, Bill Heusser, KC & Ben Armstrong, Robert Slon (guest) Cec Foster, Bob & Sheila Harmon, Lisa Platter, Bonnie Dyas, Rochelle Garza, Shauna England

Minuets from the last meeting: Sheila motioned that they be excepted as they were printed in the last new letter. John Schmich seconded. Motion carried.

 Treasurers Report:

                Club:                       $1533.24

                Futurity:                $2953.03

                Stallion:                  $4494.91

 Diabetes Ride: We still need volunteers to help out. For those that wish to help out we need you to be there at 8:00 am, and the trail monitors need to be there at 9:00.

 Classic:  The judge is already booked.  We still need help with advertising. As to the motion that was tabled last meeting, whether we should follow a breeders format. It was decided that the show will follow the rules in the rules will be at the show for anyone that has any questions or you can look them up on www.equestrian.org.

This year we will not have a photographer at the show but will set up an area so that you can take your own photos.

Idaho state meetings: They are working on a modified rulebook. If you wish to attend any of the meetings they are held at the Sunrise Café in Caldwell on the first Wednesday of the month.

 Horse Affair: We want to send out our sincere thanks to the Hersh, the Harmons and their gang and Cec Foster. We had a lot of interested people visit our booth. Out of the 200 packets that we stuffed we have about 40- 50 left. We also received three new memberships. One of our new members was the winner of our ceramic horse. Congratulations Brenda Whitlatch.

 Bennu Show: We have the arena reserved as to the dates are will be posted at a later date.

Membership drive: There were ideas as to help increase the numbers of our membership. Some of the ideas were a trail ride, a type of open house and postcards applications or a letter.  Sheila has volunteered to come up with an idea and bring it up at the next meeting.

 ISHSA: We needed a 2nd representative to attend the meetings. Bill Heusser volunteered. Thank you.

 Member Participation Rewards: A committee has been put together consisting of Sheila Harmon (chair person) Bonnie Dyas, Cec Foster, Lisa Platter, and Shauna England. Cec Foster has volunteered her computer services to keep track of our volunteers.  This is to try to keep our member involved in all of our activities.

 Next meeting will be on May 17th at Pat Nations.

 Meeting adjourned 8:45pm

//Shauna England//



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